Compliance Manager

Course Objective:

The intention of the course is to provide knowledge to set up several rules in the Modul Compliance Manager in SimCorp Dimension and to control comprehensively and immediately the investments before and after the trade.

Main Learning Topics:

Day 1:

  • Definition and Administration of Rules in the Compliance Manager
    • Create a hierarchy
    • Absolute Rules
    • Relative Rules
  • Different alignment types
    • Global Rules, Rule Templates, Legal Sets
  • Pre and Post Trade validations
  • Dashboards and Alerts
  • Additional functionalities and system settings

    Day 2:

  • Different tools to simplify rule definitions
    • Rule lists
    • Rule fragments
  • Different Rule types
    • Monitoring declaration rules
    • Cash monitoring rules
    • Netting agreement set
  • General overview of attribute configuration
  • New functionalities in the releases 6.4, 6.5
  • Presentation of the Legal Rule Set Services


Pre-requisite is the course 'Introduction in SimCorp Dimension' or practical experience in the system. The participants should be well versed in the above mentioned topic concerning the process of their institute.

Course Duration:

Days: 2 days
It is possible to participate in only one course day

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