Corporate Actions Manager

Days: 3
Daily training hours: 9 - 17

SimCorp Dimension Academy

Course fee:
€ 2775 (excl. VAT)

Course Objective:

The purpose of the course is to give participants a broad view of the corporate action world in relation to daily use of the Corporate Action Manager.

During the course, students will explore the corporate action workflow/lifecycle. Along the way participants will be introduced to core concepts necessary to facilitate corporate action processing and use of the Corporate Action Manager, e.g. static data, corporate action defaults, SWIFT message processing, blocking, elections, taxation and Corporate  Actions Dashboard monitoring.

After the completion of this course participants will be able to troubleshoot and perform assorted tasks associated with corporate action processing in SimCorp Dimension.

Main Learning Topics:

  • Introduction to Data Scrubbing in the Corporate Action Data Manager (CADM)
  • Corporate Action Elections window vs. Corporate Action Manager (CAM)
  • Corporate Action Defaults
  • Linked Corporate Actions
  • Message Processing MT 564
  • Election Processing/Netting MT 565
  • Matching and Reconciliation MT 566/MT567
  • Error Handling
  • Components of the Corporate Action Manager
  • Corporate Actions Dashboard
  • Automation/Batch Jobs

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