Introduction to SimCorp Dimension

Course Objective:

The participants get an overview about general functionalities and concepts in SimCorp Dimension, e.g. navigation in the system and search functions. The exercises contain the work with different window types for the configuration of Reference and Static Data, the entry of dealer transactions and view functions.

Main Learning Topics:

  • General user and portal options and basic functionalities in SimCorp Dimension
  • Configuration of Reference Data (Portfolio structure, Parties)
  • Configuration of Static Data (Equities, Bonds)
  • Search Functions
  • Status Concept
  • Dealer Windows
  • View functions (View Transactions, Transaction Status)
  • Segments
  • Overview: Authorization


Prior knowledge is not necessary. This course is pre-requisites for all other SimCorp Dimension courses.

Course Duration:

Days: 1 day

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