Performance Measurement in SimCorp Dimension

Course Objective:

The purpose of this course is to enable you to work confidently with the performance solution in SimCorp Dimension.

The course covers the setup and maintenance of indexes and benchmarks, and gives a basic understanding of the return calculation flow in the performance solution and how performance figures can be displayed and investigated.

The Integrated Investment Processing (or Modelling) concept is introduced from a performance measurement perspective, including the creation of strategic asset allocation benchmarks and the usage of cash buckets.

The course gives an introduction to the theoretical background that is necessary to work with the performance solution, and will be based on presentations, demonstrations in SimCorp Dimension, and hands-on exercises.

There is no certification test to this course.

Main Learning Topics:

  • Indexes and index return calculations
  • The performance measurement workflow
  • Integrated Investment Processing (Modelling) from a performance measurement perspective
    • Investment Structures, Model Portfolios and Strategic Asset Allocation benchmarks
    • Cash buckets
  • Benchmark types and return calculation methodologies
    • Benchmark Portfolio Benchmarks
    • Portfolio Aggregation Benchmarks
  • Equity and Fixed Income Performance Attribution
  • Generic Fund Look-through in Performance Measurement*

*Available from 2020


We recommend that you as a minimum have attended a SimCorp Dimension Introduction course

Course duration:

Days: 3 days
Daily training hours: 9:00-17:00

How to register for this course:

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