Technical Foundation

Course Objective:

The purpose of SimCorp Dimension Technical Foundation is to give you basic knowledge of the technical aspects of SimCorp Dimension. The first part is a general introduction to the portal and user interface of the system, including the transaction life cycle and the holdings concept. Then the course continues with the most popular technical modules; Filter Tool Box (FTB), used for data import, Data Extractor (DEX), used for data export, and elements of system administration, including batch jobs, user administration and data migration.

During the course, you will be presented to the SimCorp Dimension Database Model and the Online Documentation. The course will be a combination of instructor lead presentations on the concepts and flows, and hands-on exercises in a sand-box installation. You will also have an unique opportunity for exploring various parts of the system, which for security reasons, can be restricted in your domestic installations.

The course includes an optional one hour assessment test, where a minimum score of 60% is required to pass. You will receive a Course Diploma upon passing the test.

Main Learning Topics:

Day 1 - Introduction

  • General introduction and overview
  • Navigation in SimCorp Dimension
  • Transaction Process / Life cycle
  • Core concepts
  • Static Data

Day 2 – Data import and Technical Overview

  • Overview of Filter Tool Box
  • External Files
  • Data Format Setup – Functions
    • Pre-run functions
    • Parsing
    • Re-format functions
    • Translations
    • Formulas
  • Message Queues

Day 3 - Data Extractor (DEX)

  • SimCorp Dimensions Data Model
  • Data Extractor Tools:
    • Extraction Definitions
    • Extraction Setup
    • Extracts Exporter
    • Extracts Viewer and Validator
  • Reference files
  • Configuration of reports in SimCorp Dimension (based on Crystal Reports)

Day 4 – System Administration

  • Batch jobs
  • User Administration
  • Data migration
  • Assessment Test


No prior system knowledge is required, but generally technical knowledge is an advantage.

The main target group are the technical end users who are going to work with the technical parts of SimCorp Dimension, including managing and operating the system. The course is suitable for supporters, report designers, connectivity specialists, functional IT staff, and others who are interested in the technical aspects of SimCorp Dimension.

Course duration:

Days: 5 days
Daily training hours: 9:00-17:00 (last day to 16:00)

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