Our strategy

At SimCorp, we are guided by our Winning Aspiration that puts the client at the center of everything we do. Fulfilling our Winning Aspiration is about enabling the success of our clients and being the best at meeting their needs and preferences as they continually change over time.


Winning Aspiration

We will be the leading provider of integrated front-to-back, multi-asset, investment management solutions to the world’s largest institutional investors, empowering their strategies through unmatched operational efficiency and investment enablement.

In the future, our clients are going to consume our offerings in a different way than they are today, eventually wanting us to deliver everything as a service. They will demand we be held accountable for tangible business outcomes – and at a lower cost and a reduced risk. Overall, they will want to be able to focus on the key differentiators in their business and leave their non-core tasks to us.


Strategic imperatives

To cater for this transformation, we have identified three strategic imperatives, synthesizing the major changes to SimCorp’s business and organizational capabilities that are required for us to be able to realize our Winning Aspiration. The three strategic imperatives are guiding our choices along the way, fromselecting and designing our strategic priorities to adjusting our daily processes and practices.


Strategic imperatives


We will take customer experience leadership
We will take responsibility for solving our clients’ key business challenges and improving their competitiveness, not just provide them with tools and technology.

We will deliver everything as a service
We will make it more easy, flexible, and cost-effective for clients to consume our technology solutions.

We will drive ecosystem enabled innovation
We will strengthen our capacity and ability to innovate by leveraging an external ecosystem of partners.

Led by these strategic imperatives, we will design and deliver complete offers targeting specific client challenges. We will continue to expand our delivery capabilities to manage a greater share of clients’ operational footprint – be it on premises or via our hosted cloud-based solutions, and sometimes in collaboration with ecosystem partners. Overall, we will create a more cohesive and distinct client experience, with ever more effort going into securing the realization of our clients’ value and success.


Cloud technology transformation

Our cloud technology transformation is at the heart of our strategy. Becoming ‘cloud-based’ will be the license to operate and compete in the future, as it is the foundation for creating world class customer experience, delivering everything as-a-service, cost-effectively scale our operations, and drive ecosystem enabled innovation.