Our sustainability promise

Sustainability is about making everything count

Acting responsibly is part of our DNA at SimCorp, as a company, as an employer, and as individual employees.

Creating a sustainable company is not only about taking climate action. At SimCorp, it’s about taking a holistic approach to how we can make the biggest impact as a company and as corporate citizens. Our employees and who we are as a company enable us to make a positive contribution to the world, just as we take responsibility for reducing the negative impact of our operations. We want to put all our competencies and differences into play across our global organization and to focus on those areas where we can have the biggest impact as a company, while we also acknowledge the value of each single employee’s contribution. Because we believe that everything counts.

Klaus Holse, Senior Executive Advisor
& former CEO, SimCorp

Everybody’s talking about climate, diversity, ESG, and setting new standards for sustainable investing. We want to do something about it, while realizing that we can’t change the world alone. But it all adds up, and by working together, we have a great opportunity to embed sustainability in everything we do.

At SimCorp, sustainability and financial performance go hand in hand. While our main focus is on delivering value to our clients and shareholders, our business decisions are also guided by considerations that include our people and our planet. Acting responsibly is realizing that everything counts.

Where can we make the most impact?

We have taken a decision to make sustainability part of our corporate strategic agenda and ambition. Taking into account our business and operating model, culture, and values, we have identified key sustainability value drivers that are rooted in who we are as a company.

Reducing our own and our clients’ CO2 footprint

Technology will be the key driver of positive climate impact, and as a software-enabled services provider, we will leverage cloud and new technologies to help reduce CO2 emissions.

Overall, our goal is to reduce our CO2 emissions by 50%. To achieve this, we will focus on where we have the biggest negative impact and how we can reduce our energy consumption by:

  • Reducing air travel and increasing virtual meetings to reduce carbon emissions
  • Moving SimCorp’s and our clients’ operations from on-premise to cloud (Microsoft Azure) for improved data center energy efficiency.
  • Applying modern computing to improve overall energy footprint and utilize digital resources in optimized ways.

Expand SimCorp’s ESG offering

ESG investments have become a major driver of redefining the role investment management firms can and must play in ensuring global sustainable development.

SimCorp’s ambition is to become a leading provider of an ESG investment platform and a digital enabler of ESG investments globally. SimCorp will help enable the world’s largest investment institutions to turn sustainability into a mainstream activity across their businesses. We want to help our clients comply with current and future regulations applying to ESG investments by providing data transparency in the growing landscape of ESG investment opportunities.

Support diversity and inclusion

Operating from 26 locations and counting 68 nationalities among our 2,000 employees, SimCorp is a truly global workplace. Great minds don’t think alike and that is what fuels an innovative company like SimCorp.

With a highly diverse workforce, we want to create a strong sense of belonging for all our employees and nurture a culture of inclusion. We will do this by advancing equal career opportunities and by welcoming every new perspective that can help spark collaboration and innovation. We will embrace human individuality and promote a culture where everyone can be their true selves.

Foster and build meaning in work

Meaning in work can mean and be something different to different people. We will strive to ensure that all our employees feel that they have a meaningful work life. It’s vital that all our employees thrive and believe in the work they do, wherever they sit in the organization.

Increasing employee satisfaction and helping SimCorp’ers find meaning in their work are core elements of being a sustainable company with low turnover, low stress levels, a good work-life balance, and a strong and supportive culture. We also want our employees to feel connected to our sustainability initiatives, by inviting them in to make suggestions and help run projects that they believe in.

Download the full Sustainability Report 2020

Sustainability report 2020