The need to decrease carbon emissions is imminent to help reduce climate change.

As a company, it’s our responsibility to keep striving to reduce our carbon footprint. We’ve focused our sustainability efforts on how we consume technology across data centers, IT equipment and office buildings with conscious efforts to increase energy efficiency and reduce consumption. Our teams are exploring new ways of engineering software and we’re offering more sustainable services to our clients. Furthermore, we nurture a culture of responsible behavior and processes when it comes to business travel, food waste, and IT equipment. 

We commit to reduce our energy consumption by: 

  • Moving our own and our clients’ operations from on-premise data centers to the cloud (mainly Microsoft Azure) for improved data center energy efficiency 
  • Exploring new ways of developing and delivering energy-efficient solutions and services to improve overall carbon footprint for our clients 
  • Reducing air travel and improving virtual collaboration 
  • Reducing food waste at SimCorp headquarters by setting up mandatory registration for lunch and pre-portioning food 

Where we’ve focused our efforts in 2021 and 2022: 

In 2021, we have established:  

  • A roadmap for moving all our internal operations to more energy-efficient cloud hosting (Microsoft Azure) by 2024  
  • A full CO₂e baseline for all our data centers to be able to set future targets for our carbon emissions and track the impact of our carbon emission reduction efforts
  • Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol aligned reporting, which will enable us to track our carbon emissions in a more streamlined manner across our global organization and enable us to better focus our efforts on the most relevant impact areas  

In 2022, we will:   

  • Establish a dedicated project team that will focus on exploring green code and establishing best practices for developing energy-efficient client services  
  • Work to accomplish a climate-related 2022 corporate scorecard goal directly linked to our target for the number of clients who run a Software as a Service (SaaS) energy-efficient cloud hosted solution.  
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