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At SimCorp we provide the most integrated system for the world’s most successful investment managers, enabling you to get a real-time overview of your entire business in one system.

The investment management industry is facing significant challenges. Every year we see increased levels of regulation, reporting requirements, data quantity, and asset classes, to name a few. Keeping up with all this change and the complexity that comes with it, isn’t easy.

To help, we have built a fully integrated system that is agile and flexible so that no matter what challenges you may face, we can support your needs. By keeping track of industry trends, we make sure that our system is up-to-date and future proof.

We are a trusted, strategic partner

For more than 40 years, we have been developing SimCorp Dimension, our world class front-to-back investment management solution. Each year we funnel more than 20% of our revenue into R&D, ensuring that our solution is capable of supporting your key requirements.

With more than 16,000 active daily users and over 19 trillion dollars managed on our solution by clients, we are a trusted partner to the world’s largest asset managers. We’re proud that almost half of the world’s Top 100 investment managers have chosen SimCorp.


The Business Debate

See what SimCorp CEO Klaus Holse says about investment management complexity.

With SimCorp, we help you:


We are best-in-class and fully integrated

While we can support your front, middle and back office with separate best-in-class offerings, we believe the best way forward is a fully integrated system. This goal is not achieved overnight, so the beauty of partnering with SimCorp is that you can start how you want and steadily scale along the way. This allows you to reach an integrated front-to-back solution and all the benefits that go with it in a gradual and smooth manner.

We have an investment book of record (IBOR) at the core

With our award winning IBOR as a foundation of SimCorp Dimension, you can ensure a single source of truth from your front to back office. By breaking down the barriers across your organization, you’ll have more time to focus on generating alpha with timely and relevant data. An IBOR provides you with more transparency, a clear audit trail and the ability to make smarter, more informed investment decisions.

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We can deploy your solution to match your needs

Our clients are as diverse as the capabilities they need. No matter how you want to run your system, we can support your entire investment management value chain.

On premise solution: Under this method, you manage all aspects of your installation, from infrastructure to environments and data centers.



ASP solution: Under this method, we handle the application management of your SimCorp Dimension installation, taking it out of your infrastructure while still allowing you to operate with the same flexibility and configurability when using the application.



We have a proven track record of successful implementations

Adopting a new investment management system is a major project and we are here to support you every step of the way. With a proven and standardized implementation process, we get you up and running as fast as possible, as securely as possible.

Our implementation experts start with a thorough analysis of your individual needs and based on experience and best practice, implement your system while adding value at each and every step. With a 100% implementation success rate, your business is safe with us.

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We’re honored to be consistently recognized for our commitment to the global investment management industry.

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