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Empower your data talent: Harnessing the power of Data Management Services


Ruchir Verma,
Head of Business Development, Partnerships & Transformation,
Zurich Insurance

Terry Pickett,
Managing Director, Data and AI Lead Banking & Capital Markets,

Guillaume Rondy,
VP, Global Head of Data & Communications,

Moderated by: Sarah Prior, Senior GTM Strategist, SimCorp

Is your data talent focused on driving business outcomes?

When: May 29 3 PM CET / 9 AM ET
Duration: 45 minutes

Is your data foundation optimized to power decisions at the speed of now?  Is your data talent focused on analysis and innovation, rather than on operational processes?  

In this exclusive webinar, our expert panel will explore how Data Management Services are empowering top investment managers to leverage their data for strategic advantage. Gain invaluable insights from industry leaders on implementing the right data strategy to empower your data talent, optimize operational efficiency, and gain a competitive edge. 

Get expert perspectives on: 

  • Overcoming data hurdles: Address the biggest data challenges faced by investment managers and strategies to drive operational efficiency and performance.
  • Empowering data talent: Learn how the right data strategy can enable data teams to focus on analytics and innovation, rather than operational processes.
  • Transformative impact of data management services: Explore the tangible benefits and outcomes of adopting data management services for investment firms.
  • Digital agenda and emerging technologies: Discover why a strong data foundation is essential to support your digital agenda and the adoption of emerging technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI).

The webinar will be recorded so if you can’t make the event, sign up anyway and we’ll send it to you to watch in your own time. 


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