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The sum of the parts is greater than the whole – time to componentize!

It’s month end, you’re looking at the data that’s ready and approved to go onto your reports and it looks ok – you’ve got the commentary in on time (miracles do happen!) and the standard template to put it all together is the same as it always has been since you landed this role in 2010. The only thing standing in the way of you and your next cup of tea and chocolate biscuit, is the long list of bespoke requests that mean you have to chop and change everything around for those more needy of clients.

The funny thing is, most of what they’re asking for is pretty much there in the original approved data set – they all think they’re so original asking for the data in a different order, a different chart type or from a different angle. Only they’re not so different at all. In fact, the pieces were all there in the beginning, it’s just about fitting the pieces together in a way that’s right for them.

It’s time to stop thinking about a report as the output, and start looking at them as a finished mosaic of the available tiles. Each element on a report or piece of content has an origin, it is created and can universally fit into almost infinite possibilities of the story you’re telling. If only there were a way of dealing with this that didn’t involve redoing the report EVERY TIME…

Well, there is! With a unified data model and a library of different components (read: charts, tables, images, text etc), there’s no need to limit yourself to a rigid report – design what’s right, when it’s right for you and the client. Put the elements in place that are relevant, in the order that works for the client, to create your own masterpiece. The technology to do this is ready and waiting.

Even better, what if you had access to components that not only YOU have designed, but that a team of industry leading experts have collated from years of experience and understanding of the next big trends in client communications? You could start putting together the most relevant content that proactively anticipates the next request from those “needy” clients.

But why should you spend your valuable time driving this process? Especially when the more complex requests come in from clients that ask for new data types that you need to investigate further to keep their experience positive; not to mention all the other jobs you have to get done.

Bring the prospect of that cup of tea closer by outsourcing the process as much as possible, so you can spend your time dreaming up new components for your clients, without the burden of additional technology draining your time.

Explore how you can free up your time and gain access to our industry leading library components with our Client Reporting Service – get in touch!

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