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MARCH 25, 2024

Client Reporting Services

Are larger firms gatekeeping technology?

A lightbulb moment for client communications 

Everyone wants to know what's happening with their money - whether it's your hard earned (or generational wealth) or the billions you're responsible for at your organization. Being in the dark doesn't exactly create a positive experience.   

Sarah Prior 

GTM Strategy Principal, SimCorp

So why should only larger financial services firms with bundles of cash and thousands of people be given access to the tech that helps you to turn on the light for investors?

At the heart of the increased demand for data, there are curious people, just wanting to learn what's going on and how to make informed decisions about the future.

Better client experience and transparency

All parts of the workflow are crying out for a better way forward: Client Relationship Management, CX, Marketing, Reporting, Risk and Operational teams, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, the investors.

Overall, there's a greater need for better client experience and accessibility and transparency of data - firms need to meet their customers where they are, with the data they require. Firms may WANT to do the best they can for their clients but ultimately have struggled with budgets, skillsets and resource challenges.

Smaller firms are feeling the pinch in terms of talent and skills acquisition and retention, costs are mounting - which leaves their clients still struggling in the shadows. Meanwhile, larger firms have the luxury of cutting-edge technology and people ready to jump in to cover gaps at a moments’ notice.

If only there was a way forward… 

Well, we’ve unleashed our award winning, top tier technology and our decades of experience into a service that illuminates the data that stakeholders crave, without the need to manage it inhouse.

The service may be available, but how can it be accessible to smaller firms? Surely it’s still far too expensive?” I hear you say - but fear not - we have been working hard behind the scenes to mitigate costs through fully fledged component libraries, unified data models and true multi-tenancy. And the cloud is our friend - one that means we can operate a service at a much more accessible price point for smaller firms.

So if you’d like to learn more about how we’re turning on the light for our smaller firm friends, by exposing top tier tech and services to improve time to market, reducing risk and increase agility - without the hefty price tag or resourcing needs, get in touch now.

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