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Building your future operating model


Marc Schröter
Chief Product Officer, SimCorp

The four essentials of a future-proof operating model.

Within any business, there are core and non-core processes. With around 80% commonality in most functions and processes, this leaves only 20% where buy-side firms really get to add value and differentiate. Now when you’re being asked to do more with less, focusing on what’s core is critical.

This special insights report, which builds on survey data from the 2022 Global InvestOps Report, gives you a blueprint to build a future-proof operating model that meets these urgent needs:

  • An integrated, core platform that gives you real-time, accurate data for better decision making and scalability 
  • The ability to easily add managed services for that 80% non-business differentiating activities
  • The choice to plug into the broader market ecosystem for innovative tools and partnerships

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