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Bridge the gap between investment management and operations


Benjamin Page-Fort
Director GTM Strategy, SimCorp

Gregg Lutz
Investment Strategist, American Equity

Sara Benwell
Editor, Clear Path Analysis

How to break down siloes between operations and portfolio managers.

In this report, Benjamin Page-Fort, Director GTM Strategy, SimCorp and Gregg Lutz, Investment Strategist for American Equity, explore the differences between the front and back office, and how they have more commonalities than we think. You’ll find out the important role that outsourcing and technology can play in breaking down the silos and helping both teams win together.  

Get this report to learn:

  • How to bridge the gap between the front and back office 
  • The importance of having a common IBOR and ABOR across the organization 
  • The role of culture in meeting organizational goals 

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