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Responsibility in global insurance Asset Management

Market trends report


Isabelle Santenac
Global Insurance Leader, EY

Jochen Müller, EVP, MD
Operations and Accounting Services, SimCorp 

Experts from EY and SimCorp examine the critical priorities to safeguard consumers’ interests.

Driven by the covid-19 pandemic, the insurance asset management industry is reemphasizing its purpose around the sustainability agenda, leading to a shift in asset allocation and launch of new products with positive sustainability impacts. This in turn is driving insurance investors to accelerate their digital transformation and optimize their operating model.

In this market trends report, experts from EY and SimCorp examine the key priorities for insurance asset managers to help restore their public image in the post-pandemic world and provide a checklist of key considerations for their digital transformation strategy.  

Get the report for expert insights into: 

  • New emerging insurance products and investment strategies to offer greater consumer protection  
  • How to address changing consumer needs by harnessing digital innovation, cloud technology and data insights 
  • How to increase value to consumers through cost optimization 
  • A checklist to assess if you have the right technology-enabled operating model to support your future growth 

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