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Investment Monitoring

Your investments, analyzed, tracked, checked, monitored – all from a single source. Simple.

Easier, quicker, and more accurate monitoring

Knowing what risks you’ve taken, how you’ve performed within guidelines requires accurate, timely data across your total portfolio.

With its core foundation of a single Investment Book of Record (IBOR) for all asset types, cash, public and/or private all in real-time, SimCorp One provides the source of truth to measure your portfolio. This gives you confidence that your measures, across the board, are based on the same data and will provide consistent results.

Delivering both efficiency and choice – you determine your need. Leveraging pre-configured inhouse valuations or imported values? Take standard guidelines or build your own? Deliver total return figures or full GIPS compliant analysis? The choice is yours with SimCorp One.

Risk management simplified

Support investment decisions, internal controls, reporting and regulatory compliance with best-in-class market risk models and analytics. Easily stress test for future scenario analysis and backtest Value at Risk (VaR) models and ensure you keep to your solvency and capital market requirements. All from the single source of truth from our IBOR.

Performance insights

SimCorp One provides you with ultimate clarity on who, what, and where the value has been added to your portfolio. This is truly what sets us apart from other platforms. Our single IBOR ensures you get a total analysis of the portfolio built from a consistent reliable set of positions and transactions. You determine the level of detail needed, from full GIPS compliant analysis, multi factor analysis or, just total return figures. With our cloud native performance monitoring, you can be assured that you will always have the analysis you need at your fingertips when you need it.

Full compliance

Investment guidelines are complex, and you need the correct data to perform a valid compliance check. SimCorp One delivers data from a single IBOR ensuring that all rules are tested, risks are monitored, and performance is reported on consistently across the investment value chain. This means your portfolio is checked across all factors including ESG ratings, mandates and exposure values for all asset types including traditional, alternatives, cash, and derivatives, and then fed into your workflow for clearing any failures.

Stress testing known unknowns in 2024/2025

There are many ways to conduct stress tests including historical scenarios, transitive scenarios (simultaneous large shift in multiple factors) and portfolio-driven (reverse stress tests) – all with different outputs. We highlight some of the most potentially disruptive upcoming events, alongside some examples of comparable events you can use to help construct the most meaningful stress tests.

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