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SimCorp SaaS

Simplify your operating model with SaaS

We take the reins of managing your technology platform so you can focus on what you do best – investing money and growing your assets.

Increase the resiliency of your organization 

Our Software as a Service (SaaS) solution encompasses application management and platform responsibilities for all SimCorp solutions. 

Providing so much more than standard hosting, SimCorp SaaS is a comprehensive solution for your end-to-end application lifecycle management, delivered with a continuous development roadmap to enhance your organization's resilience and efficiency.

SimCorp Software as a Service at a glance

  • SimCorp applications delivered as a service on public cloud
  • Subscription-based commercial model
  • Automated release upgrades, deployment and testing
  • On demand additional environments
  • Single-tenant deployment with as-is configuration
  • State-of-the-art security infrastructure
  • Self-service, cloud-based user experience

Why SimCorp SaaS?

Discover our SaaS platform: CORE and CORE+

Our SaaS platform has two building blocks: Core and Core+. Both Core and Core+ leverage the stability and efficiency of the Microsoft Azure platform. Explore each option to find the right fit for your business needs.


Designed with flexibility and scalability in mind, the Core stack accommodates diverse business operating models. Ideal for those seeking the full potential of a modern SaaS platform while retaining operational control.

Transitioning to Core solution unlocks a host of benefits: 

·     Comprehensive end-to-end Service Level Agreement (SLA)

·     Cutting-edge evergreen solution with a defined SaaS roadmap

·     Fully configurable single tenant setup


For businesses looking to offload maximum responsibility, Core+ is the solution for you. Enjoy all the benefits of Core, plus continuous regression testing and configuration deployment services, allowing you to delegate maintenance, upgrades, and enhancements to our team.

With Core+, you can delegate even more, freeing up your resources for core activities.

Both Core and Core+ offer customizable solutions tailored to your specific needs, empowering you to navigate the market landscape with confidence.

Make a data-driven decision with our SaaS Assessment

Migrating from on-premise to a cloud-based SaaS model is a significant change for any investment management firm, with the potential to impact every aspect of your value chain. Therefore, having comprehensive information before embarking on this journey is crucial.

To aid in this decision-making process, we offer a complimentary value and solutions assessment. This assessment is designed to provide you with the insights needed to make a data-driven decision for your business.

How it works

The assessment is conducted as a series of workshops, either in person or virtually, over 2-3 business days. It can be completed within a month. During the assessment we ask specific questions about your organization, including your current technological infrastructure, workforce capability, and other critical factors that could influence your journey to SaaS.

The output is a comprehensive roadmap that not only helps you understand your organization's potential to leverage SaaS, but also ensures that you make an informed decision that aligns with your organization's long-term goals.

What does it cost?

The assessment is entirely free of charge. The only investment required is your time, which will be spent during the workshops.

Want to learn more about our SaaS assessment? Simply fill in your details and we’ll be in touch.

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