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Swedbank Robur

Client story

Swedbank Robur shares why SaaS is the right move to reach sustainability goals

Swedbank Robur, Sweden’s largest fund company, aims to become a world leader in sustainable value creation, alongside great fund performance. To achieve this, they have decided that moving operations to the cloud will help them manage costs and CO2 emissions while providing an incremental increase in data management capabilities.  

Fredrik Ulfhielm, CFO Swedbank Robur, points out that you don’t just choose a SaaS platform for cost savings, but to have the right foundation in place for long term growth— and this is why they are considering our SaaS platform for their growing data needs. In this video he shares their motivations for choosing SaaS.

Fredrik Ulfhielm, CFO, Swedbank Robur

I think if you're a company today and not looking at Software as a Service or similar type of set up, you're probably going to have an issue a couple of years going forward. I usually play the game, what if I started the company today? How would it look? And there is no way, if I were to restart, reboot an asset management business where I would invest into my own computing capabilities.

Fredrik Ulfhielm,

Chief Financial Officer, Swedbank Robur

Quick facts

AUM: SEK 1,726 bn
 Stockholm, Sweden
Employees: 16,491

About Swedbank Robur

Swedbank Robur is one of Scandinavia’s largest asset managers and a strong investment partner. Since the foundation in 1967, we have evolved from a small, equity-based mutual fund company into a highly diversified provider of savings products. Swedbank Robur offers savings products and discretionary investment management for private individuals, institutional clients, governments, universities, corporations and labor unions. The product range includes investment funds covering all major regions, sectors and asset classes. Many funds are also offered as part of tax-deferred retirement programs.

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