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Do you have a holistic view of real-time cash, exposure and risk when you need it?


Future-proof your operating model with SimCorp One

With increasing market uncertainty, do you have a holistic view of your risk exposures at any given moment?

The key lies in your data. However, an operating model comprised of many systems, integration points, manual processes and fragmented technology often gets in the way, resulting in delayed data, data breaks and inefficient workflows. 

Manual workarounds can help in the short term, but what happens when you want to see the impact of a simulation on your risk allocation, performance, and ESG metrics, or gain a real-time view of your exposures, risk, and cash?

The impact of delayed data can be particularly significant in an uncertain market, hampering your agility to react to changes and impacting performance investment decisions.  This is further amplified when you need to consolidate data from direct and indirect investments.

There’s no need to put up with delayed data. SimCorp One, our integrated investment management platform, streamlines your workflows throughout the entire investment value chain so that you can focus on making the most informed decisions better and faster. With a single data source, SimCorp One offers a superior portfolio view, enabling you to accurately assess your positions and exposures in real time.  

Swedish pension funds AP3 and AP4 chose SimCorp as their new portfolio management system provider

AP3 and AP4, collectively managing approximately EUR 100 billion in assets under management, shared the goal of achieving a modern and dynamic system architecture with more automated processes and a reduced number of separate systems, some of which had a complex, and in some cases, low levels of direct integration.

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“To be a world-class asset manager, we must ensure efficient processes across the entire organization, qualitative and timely data for analysis and the ability to adjust to changing conditions internally or externally”

Eva Boric

CFO and CRO, AP3

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Risks of delayed data

You need a timely, reliable, and consolidated view of data to evaluate if your investment strategy aligns with the fund’s long-term goals. We asked our industry expert to share his view on how public pensions can address data challenges.  

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