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The Total Portfolio View in Real Time


Dean McIntyre
Head of Global Commercial, SimCorp

Equip your organization with updated and real-time data and analytics across the entire investment lifecycle.

Is it possible to attain a total portfolio view in real-time? Some believe it’s still a unicorn. 

This is not surprising since the challenge for many firms is to ensure that their positions and exposures, regardless of asset class, are accurate at all times. Only a true total portfolio view would allow you to answer the most pressing questions so that you can make the best decisions. And yes, this is possible today: 

  • Position overview: Can you generate an up-to-date overview of all of your positions, irrespective of asset class, region, time of day, etc?
  • Speed to analysis: Do you have the capabilities to calculate your exposures in real time, using a variety of risk factors and models?
  • Transaction based calculations: Are your exposures calculated from the ground up, giving a much more accurate picture of exposures and performance vs waiting for final marks-to-market?
  • Breakdown/drill-down of exposures: Can you “slice and dice” your exposure into individual components?
  • Private markets: how well do you understand the underlying managers’ investments and portfolio companies and exposures to same?
  • Stress testing: how well are you able to model/stress test the robustness and liquidity of your portfolio?
  • Duration and liquidity: what is your duration risk? Are you protected against interest rate moves? Do you have robust asset-liability management?

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