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Market Commentary

Perspectives on today’s leading topics

Timely commentary from our Applied Research team

SimCorp's Applied Research team comprises a group of global experts who shed light on the complex world of market risks, index and portfolio exposures, and investment implications across a broad range of geographies and asset classes.

Equity Risk Monitors

Our Equity Risk Monitors analyze index-level topline volatility and its components using Axioma’s equity factor risk models and corresponding STOXX’s market-capitalization weighted indices.

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Multi-Asset Class Risk Monitor

A weekly summary of recent trends and the impact on a global multi-asset class portfolio.

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ROOF Market Sentiment

ROOF Scores (Risk-On/Risk-OFF) were created to quantify investors’ risk appetite, using investor behavior as a guide to whether they are risk-tolerant (bullish), neutral or risk-averse (bearish).

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