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August 12, 2020

SimCorp completes next phase in cloud transformation, offering SimCorp Dimension as a Service, on Microsoft Azure

SimCorp, a leading provider of integrated, front-to-back, multi-asset investment management solutions and services to the world’s largest buy-side institutions, today announces a new integration of its front-to-back investment management platform, with Microsoft Azure.

The move significantly benefits SimCorp clients with a highly scalable, secure and cost efficient public cloud solution. The integration with Azure, combined with SimCorp Dimension as a Service, delivers the buy side innovative, on-demand functionality, while leveraging cutting-edge technologies, including artificial intelligence and machine learning, for competitive advantage.

Heightened global market conditions, increased competition and regulation are placing high demands on buy-side operations, calling for more flexible consumption of solutions and services and stronger support of investment operations. In response, and as a global business and trusted partner to some of the largest institutional investors around the world, SimCorp is transforming its offerings, delivered as a service, to provide buy-side firms with the flexibility, scalability and elasticity needed, in their investment operations today. Enriched with cloud-enabled automation, SimCorp will drive greater capacity for its clients, ultimately delivering greater value and an optimized client experience.

The adoption of Azure across SimCorp’s external solutions and services, follows the company’s internal migration of IT operations and services to Azure* which first began in 2019. It is a natural step in its cloud journey, expanding SimCorp’s cloud offering, SimCorp Dimension as a Service, designed to empower the unique business strategies of its clients, with unmatched operational efficiency and scalability. The development sees SimCorp Dimension as a Service offered to new and existing clients, with the optionality of both private cloud with current hosting partners, and public cloud with Azure.

Georg Hetrodt, Chief Product Officer, SimCorp comments: “The cost savings, significantly decreased CO2 footprint and increased flexibility we have witnessed from our internal migration as an organization, were key in the decision to select Microsoft Azure, as the backbone for our external solutions and services. We have seen what the cloud can do for our own business growth, and we want to offer the same benefits to our clients. This includes easier to consume solutions and services, via a robust cloud offering, and open access to innovation, that truly supports their success. In doing so, we take on increased accountability for solving our clients core business challenges and ultimately deliver a superior customer experience. We are confident that our integration with Microsoft will enable us to fulfil this endeavor, by creatively delivering services and leveraging new technologies that complement our domain, as a leading provider of investment management solutions.”

Scott Guthrie, executive vice president, Cloud + AI, Microsoft Corp adds“By bringing SimCorp Dimension as a Service to Azure, institutional investors in the Financial Services Industry will better serve their customers. SimCorp and Microsoft will utilize Azure AI and machine learning for continuous innovation, unmatched operational efficiency and scale.”

Building an ecosystem of innovation and services

SimCorp will also migrate and virtualize its product development, with far greater scale, as it continues to develop the next generation of SimCorp Dimension as a Service, complete with Azure features. SimCorp has already augmented its core, front-to-back investment management platform to deliver operational efficiencies across a range of cloud-based, managed services, focusing on regulations such as SFTR and data driven areas, such as Business Intelligence. The integration with Azure will continue to build on SimCorp’s managed services offering, as well as APIs and micro services, to support a wider footprint of the investment lifecycle. The transformation will also play a key role in the creation of a highly-integrated open ecosystem around SimCorp’s platform. Here, clients will be able to leverage proprietary and external innovation, together with access to a broad range of third-party tools and data.

The convergence of the cloud and client experience

The adoption of Azure will also enable SimCorp to leverage a vast array of technologies to complement the client experience. Combining cloud technology, together with customer excellence will effectively shape a complete customer journey. This convergence will see SimCorp combine the industry knowledge it has built from its 300 clients, together with more direct client engagement, and cloud-enabled telemetry. As a result, it aims to better support business outcomes by driving the adoption of solutions that can optimize alpha generation, from investment decision-making, analytics and performance, through to pre-trade risk modelling and portfolio construction. This focus will also be underpinned by the provision of enhanced operational maintenance so clients can focus on what is core to their business, including continuous delivery, seamless upgrades and standardized configurations.

Enquiries regarding this announcement should be addressed to:

Mittal Shah, Head of PR, SimCorp +44 (0)207 397 8072 [email protected]
Mette Trier, Communications Principal, SimCorp +45 4060 8296 [email protected]

Notes to the editor
*The migration of SimCorp’s IT operations and services, while ongoing, has enabled SimCorp to attain a 100% remote working capability across the firm, which has been fundamental to its operations, particularly during Covid-19, where it has successfully continued to remotely deliver on client implementations, ensuring operational resiliency and business continuity. 

About SimCorp

SimCorp provides integrated, best-in-class, multi-asset investment management solutions to the world’s leading asset managers, fund managers, asset servicers, pension and insurance funds, wealth managers, central banks, sovereign wealth funds, and treasury. Deployed on premise or in the cloud, SimCorp’s core solution, SimCorp Dimension®, alongside SimCorp Coric®, SimCorp Gain™, and SimCorp Sofia™ form a powerful and complete solution. Together with a range of managed services, they support the entire investment life cycle, based on a market-leading IBOR. SimCorp invests around 20% of its annual revenue in R&D, helping clients develop their business and stay ahead of ever-changing industry demands. Listed on Nasdaq Copenhagen, SimCorp is a global company, with regional offices across Europe, North America, and Asia Pacific. For more information, please visit

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