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September 27, 2022


SimCorp, a global leader of SaaS investment management solutions, have now fully implemented a range of strategic data partnerships, further strengthening its partner ecosystem and data offering to customers.

Earlier this year, SimCorp signed agreements with Cambridge Associates (in collaboration with IHS Markit) and Preqin, and have now signed on to PitchBook, a financial data and software company providing global business professionals with comprehensive data on the private and public markets to help them discover and leverage opportunities with confidence, and Burgiss, a global, market-leading provider of data and analytic solutions for private capital investors.

Cambridge Associates, in partnership with IHS Markit, provide high-quality aggregate fund-level performance information to help customers monitor performance, manage risk and identify investment opportunities, while Preqin is a leading source of information for the alternative assets industry, providing data and analysis via online databases, publications, bespoke data requests, and application program interfaces. Meanwhile, for over 20 years, Burgiss has provided institutional investors with continuously updated information on their private capital funds and their holdings, covering over 14,000 institutional-grade private capital funds.

With two of the four partnerships now live and operational on the SimCorp platform, it enables SimCorp to develop and maintain an interface for their Private Investment Benchmark data, so that mutual customers who license this data can leverage it in SimCorp Dimension.

Hugues Chabanis, Vice President of Innovation at SimCorp commented on the partnerships: “We are delighted that for the first time ever, the leading benchmark providers of private market data are now seamlessly integrated, enabling SimCorp Dimension clients to leverage vital information into their investment processes and delivering superior forecast predictions.”

Thomas Meyer, Director and Offer Manager for Cashflow Forecasting at SimCorp, added: “As the private equity industry becomes more global, investors require market data from multiple countries and often want to use several data providers in parallel. Our solution not only gives access to such data, but also facilitates interoperability across the various private market data providers. This offers our clients a valuable analytical functionality that was previously only available to select group of large asset managers with deep pools of proprietary private market data.”

In addition, the four partner agreements allow SimCorp to access this information to demonstrate the data integration within SimCorp Dimension to prospective customers.

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