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MARCH 15, 2024


Swedbank Robur future-proofs investment operations with SimCorp’s cloud-based solution.

  • SimCorp has strengthened its longstanding partnership with Swedbank Robur through a new five-year Software as a Service (SaaS) agreement.
  • Swedbank Robur aims to enhance operational efficiency and lower CO2 emissions in its investment management operations by adopting SimCorp's SaaS platform.
  • Moving to a cloud-based investment management platform, Swedbank Robur will gain greater flexibility and the capacity to scale its business and swiftly adapt to changing market conditions.

Copenhagen, Stockholm – March 15, 2024 – SimCorp today announces a significant new five-year business partnership with Swedbank Robur, one of the largest asset managers in the Nordic region.

Headquartered in Stockholm, Swedbank Robur has used the front-to-back capabilities of SimCorp’s investment management platform since 2001 through an on-premises installation. However, this new partnership agreement signifies a transformation for the asset manager. Swedbank Robur will leverage SimCorp’s Software as a Service (SaaS) solution and transition to a cloud-based platform.

In 2023, Swedbank Robur reported a 17 percent increase in its assets under management, reaching above SEK 2,000 billion (USD 193 billion). The SaaS migration aims to enhance operational efficiency and scalability in Swedbank Robur’s investment management processes to manage future growth effectively.

“For Swedbank Robur, it is essential to work with partners who understand our business and how technology can play a significant role in enhancing our operations. We are confident that transitioning to SimCorp’s SaaS solution will provide us with a strong foundation for 2030 and beyond. In today’s market, asset managers who are not considering SaaS are likely to encounter significant challenges in the future,” says Michaela Uggla, Head of Development Operations at Swedbank Robur.

A future-proof operating model must be scalable and flexible, capable of swiftly adapting to changes.

Christian Ebbesen, Head of Northern Europe at SimCorp

Swedbank Robur’s vision is to be a world leader in sustainable value creation. The firm’s ambition is not only to generate sustainable, long-term risk-adjusted returns for its investors but also to contribute to the development of society and the environment.  

With SimCorp’s SaaS solution being based on cloud infrastructure from Microsoft Azure, it is significantly more carbon efficient than an on-premises solution, aligning with Swedbank Robur’s vision.  

According to a cloud carbon study by Microsoft, the carbon efficiency of cloud-based solutions can be up to 98 percent higher than that of on-premises alternatives. This significant increase in efficiency is attributed to improvements in IT operations and economies of scale, as well as Microsoft's commitment to purchasing renewable energy.

“We are dedicated to supporting Swedbank Robur in its technological transformation, enhancing its capacity to realize its vision as a global frontrunner in sustainable value creation. By providing our investment management platform through our SaaS solution, we not only elevate Swedbank Robur’s operational efficiency but also offer substantial benefits, including a significant reduction in CO2 emissions from their operations,” says Christian Ebbesen, Head of Northern Europe at SimCorp.

Improving operational efficiency

In the 2024 Global InvestOps Report, 200 buy-side executives worldwide highlighted that improving operational efficiency is the top (54%) strategic priority guiding technology and operation investment. 

The complete SaaS solution delivers comprehensive customer service, enabling Swedbank Robur to focus on its investment activities and improve operational efficiency. Meanwhile, SimCorp is responsible for managing the platform.  

Swedbank Robur has identified advantages in opting for the full-service package, which includes extended support and continuous testing. This package will ensure that Swedbank Robur has a state-of-the-art platform capable of managing future client and market requirements.  

“Many of our clients in Northern Europe are reevaluating their fundamental operating models, often in line with a broader corporate shift towards cloud strategies. A future-proof operating model must be scalable and flexible, capable of swiftly adapting to changes,” says Christian Ebbesen, Head of Northern Europe at SimCorp. 

About Swedbank Robur 

Swedbank Robur is one of Scandinavia’s largest asset managers and a strong investment partner. Since the foundation in 1967, the fund company has evolved from a small, equity-based mutual fund company into a highly diversified provider of savings products.  

Swedbank Robur offers savings products and discretionary investment management for private individuals, institutional clients, governments, universities, corporations and labor unions.  

The product range includes investment funds covering all major regions, sectors and asset classes. Many funds are also offered as part of tax-deferred retirement programs.

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About SimCorp  

SimCorp is a provider of industry-leading integrated investment management solutions for the global buy side.  

Founded in 1971, with more than 2,800 employees across five continents, we are a truly global technology leader who empowers 40 of the world’s top 100 financial companies through our integrated platform, services, and partner ecosystem.  

SimCorp is a subsidiary of Deutsche Börse Group.

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