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SimCorp introduces new flagship platform SimCorp One

Christian Kromann

Chief Executive Officer at SimCorp

Copenhagen, New York, London, Singapore – 23 April 2024 - SimCorp today announced the introduction of its new flagship integrated platform solution for the global buy-side, SimCorp One.  
SimCorp One includes Dimension, Axioma, Client Communications, Data Management Services, Business Services as well as SimCorp’s ecosystem of third-party solutions -- all connected to the industry-leading Investment Book Of Records (IBOR).

Combining the technology company’s best-in-class software and services into one integrated platform enables faster and more cost-effective business solutions and decision making, by delivering best practice workflows and reducing the time-to-value for clients.  
“The introduction of the SimCorp One integrated platform reflects our commitment to simplifying every touch point in the client journey and represents the culmination of years of innovation. SimCorp One is a full suite of investment solutions to address the front-to-back needs of all investment managers,” said SimCorp Chief Executive Officer Christian Kromann.  
“For more than 50 years, SimCorp’s only business has been to help our clients make the best decisions for their businesses. The breadth, depth, and quality of our technology and tools has been built and tested over time, and uniquely position SimCorp to be the partner of choice for leading investment management firms, now and in the future.

“The introduction of the SimCorp One integrated platform reflects our commitment to simplifying every touch point in the client journey and represents the culmination of years of innovation.” Christian Kromann, Chief Executive Officer at SimCorp

Financial services and investment management in particular have become gradually more complex with added regulations, increasing competition, growing customer demands, heightened macro uncertainty, AI and privacy concerns, and more.
“At SimCorp, we understand this complexity and know that we can be a key part of the solution for our clients. This is the brink of a new era, where the focus shifts from information and analysis to decisions and outcomes. We call this “The Decision Era” and it reflects this new operating reality for our clients. We believe simplification is a key to unlocking the potential for better decision-making – from the choice of operating model to ongoing alpha optimization and operational execution,” Kromann said.

It’s no secret that access to timely, accurate, high-quality data is crucial for successful investment management firms. But in today’s digital, data rich world, access to data is no longer a competitive advantage. It’s not about how much information or how close to your fingertips. No longer is it about more, it’s about more relevant.  

“In The Decision Era, the winners will be investment firms that choose the right platform to help them turn their abundance of data and information into relevant insights and decisive action across each step of the investment value chain. SimCorp One is the solution that will enable our clients to navigate and thrive in the Decision Era,” Kromann said.

SimCorp One is powered by:

  • Dimension: Dimension remains the underlying foundation of SimCorp One, delivering a real-time total portfolio view across the full investment value chain and connecting everything together.
  • Axioma: SimCorp’s suite of solutions for portfolio construction, analytics and risk management.
  • Client Communication: SimCorp’s solution automates end-to-end client communication and reporting processes, enhancing client service and efficiency.
  • Data Management Services: SimCorp’s cloud service ecosystem for managing market and reference data.
  • Business Services: SimCorp’s offering of Investment Accounting Services and Investment Operations Services. Through these services, SimCorp assumes responsibility for these operational processes, enabling clients to allocate more resources to value-adding activities.
  • Integrated Ecosystem: SimCorp’s curated partner ecosystem provides access to innovative and complementary solutions and services along the investment management value chain seamlessly integrated into Dimension.


About SimCorp

SimCorp is a provider of industry-leading integrated investment management solutions for the global buy side.  
Founded in 1971, with more than 3,000 employees across five continents, SimCorp is a truly global technology leader that empowers more than half of the world’s top 100 financial companies through its integrated platform, services, and partner ecosystem.

SimCorp is a subsidiary of Deutsche Börse Group. As of 2024, SimCorp includes Axioma, the leading provider of risk and management and portfolio optimization solutions for the global buy side.

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Media Contact:  

Søren Rathlou Top, Global PR Manager at SimCorp
Tel: +45 31 15 87 06
Email: [email protected]


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