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You need more than great performance and competitive pricing to stand out. That’s why more firms are taking a customer centric approach by focusing on improving their digital client engagement and automation of client communications. 

For decades we’ve worked proactively with our clients to understand pain points, which has led to the refinement of our award-winning client communications and digital engagement solutions. 

SimCorp’s client communications solutions gives you the power and flexibility to create a better client experience tailored to your clients’ changing needs, without being tied to traditional reporting cycles.

Not only can you flexibly create reports, presentations and more whenever, and wherever you need them - you can also measure customer engagement and tailor your presentations to your clients’ interests such as Alternative Investments and ESG.

5 things to consider for your digital client engagement strategy

Digital client engagement is no longer a “nice to have”. Clients expect to see investment performance data and industry insights on demand – in the format they prefer.

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Choose the model that works for you

We provide an option driven service, where you can choose what you need for your client communications, and when.

Whether you're seeking a client portal, or ramping up your reporting automation, we've got you covered. If you're looking to improve time-to-market with new offerings and answers to your clients' questions, our cloud-first technology gives you the flexibility you need to win. Or if you're perfecting the art of high-volume client reporting cycles, our solution was designed specifically for this need. 

You select how to engage with your clients, and we provide the foundation for a superior client experience.

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