Customer experience is everything.

Transform yours from passable to over-performing with our cloud-native digital platform that will help you stand out from your competitors.

  • Empower investors to act on insights, not wait for them. Our Digital Engagement Platform gives investors instant access to all the data they need to make an educated call, whatever the day, whatever the time. 
  • Pre-empt client needs. Our behavioral analytics mean you can see what your investors are interested in, before they ask for it. 
  • More comms, less work. Our workflow automations mean your teams can spend more time communicating with clients, without requiring more resources.
  • Safe, secure and scalable. SimCorp’s Digital Engagement Platform is cloud based and has the highest industry standards for security. Your data will always be safe, and sound.  Made to scale, so whether you need rapid integration of new data sources or analytics to validate customer engagement, Digital Engagement Platform is ready to go.

Effective client engagement

Digitalizing your client engagement can mean the difference between winning and losing clients. Learn how SimCorp’s Digital Engagement Platform can give you a compelling advantage.

How does SimCorp Digital Engagement Platform help you?

  • Stand out from the competition with up to date, investment data access, available when needed
  • Easy to harness client insights
  • Built in brand consistency across all channels
  • Better, up-to-date and personalized communication opportunities
  • Ability to tailor experiences with ease
  • Enrich customer experience with customizable analytics and insights
  • Actionable insights to create new client offers
  • Support a digital-first and cloud based strategy
  • Baked in customer experience innovation opportunities
  • Improve efficiency by consolidating past platform data
  • More empowered clients with access to data and insights
  • Automated flows for data preparation, audits and sign-offs
  • Ready to meet any ad hoc requests
  • Drive continuous innovation
  • Scale to support new clients and mandates
  • Improve operational efficiency with legacy platform consolidation
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