Data Management

Financial services are under increasing pressure from every angle - market volatility, mounting cost pressure, changing regulations and shifts in customer demand, and faster is more essential than ever. Faster to adapt. Faster to harness insights. Faster to seize opportunities.  

Data is now widely recognized as an asset. But to do so, it needs to be easily accessible, accurate, reliable and auditable. Only then will you be able to keep up and get ahead of the next big change. Typically, most financial services organizations find it too difficult to create such a framework, leading to substantial costs, risks and constant disappointment. This was until there was SimCorp Data Management.

SimCorp Data Management can help you to:

  • Get quick access to reliable market and reference data
  • Act quickly on emerging opportunities such as ESG and alternatives
  • Focus your time on using data-driven insights to create strategic business decisions
  • Leverage the experience of our data specialists to extend your knowledge
  • Mitigate risk and cost with an always-on, cloud-based enterprise data management solution
  • Be confident in an industry-proven data management framework with full transparency and auditability

We are committed to providing you with the right tools and services, and most importantly, we give you options so you can decide on the operating model that makes most sense for your business.

How do you want to manage your data?

You can benefit from our cloud-based Enterprise Data Management (EDM) solution or opt for a fully managed service with advisory services, change SLAs and business operations tailored to your needs.

Our award-winning managed data services allow you to focus your energy on business-differentiating actions. A powerful combination of our EDM platform and a global, experienced team of data advisors opens the door for you to experience seamless growth without the infrastructure, costs and risk-prone burden of legacy operating models. Let us lift the burden of your data operations so you can focus on making the most of your data and drive strategic initiatives.


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