Say goodbye to disparate risk analytics and spreadsheets

Effective risk management requires a single and consistent view of risk and return across your organization. With our cloud-native, API-first enterprise risk system Axioma Risk, we’re dragging risk management out of the middle office.

Designed to integrate with the way you work, Axioma Risk brings together a suite of analytics and market data with flexibility and scalability at its core.

Harness the power of the cloud

Axioma Risk isn’t just cloud-hosted, it was built in the cloud from the start. This cloud-native approach will help you stand out from the crowd:

  • Flexibility: Whatever your size, Axioma Risk analytics can be scaled up or down for investment managers both large and small
  • Power: Full revaluation and scenario analysis can be run quickly, across very large portfolios
  • Speed: Quicker decisions can be made with portfolio analytics delivered earlier in your day

One risk system to rule them all

  • Robust analytics: Intuitive and understandable measures for portfolios with different underlying strategies, asset classes and investment horizons
  • Full repricing: A wide range of configurable measures from Beta to VaR
  • Multi-asset class: Pricing models and data enrichment for most asset classes
  • Stress testing: A sophisticated framework including scenario analysis via factor shocks and instantaneous or horizon-adjusted “walk-throughs”
  • Flexible backtesting: backtest models and portfolios to understand portfolio dynamics and risk-model performance
  • Risk visualization: Interactive slicing and dicing on any tracked portfolio
With Axioma Risk, we now have one common system, with everyone talking about risk using the same numbers and looking at those numbers in the same system. And that has really moved us forward, not only in terms of knowledge, but in terms of cooperation within the organization itself.

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We can help you with comprehensive portfolio risk management.