Optimize your withholding tax recovery process and improve the performance of your funds.

Did you know that you can often miss out on withholding tax refunds? Withholding tax recovery on foreign equity distribution is complex, and firms are often not claiming as much as they are entitled to, which can directly impact the performance of their funds.

WTax is a global withholding tax recovery specialist, with local teams of experts in more than 40 financial hubs. Leveraging the data captured in your IBOR, innovative technology and all available recovery methodologies, WTax can help you add on average 5bps to your performance each year by complementing or replacing your existing processes.

WTax offer two models, both priced with a percentage success-fee, meaning there are no upfront costs.

With the Partial Reclaim Service model, you continue to manage standard market reclaims with your custodian; WTax identifies and pursues the additional opportunities which fall outside of the custodian’s scope.

With the Exclusive Reclaim Service model, your entire recovery process is outsourced; WTax takes over your administrative burden and all reclaims are housed under one roof and monitored meticulously.

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