Sustainability is about making everything count

Acting responsibly is part of our DNA at SimCorp. Sustainability is about climate change, but it’s also about enabling sustainable ESG investing and supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion among people.

To make a real impact, we need to take a holistic approach. Therefore, we will strive to enable CO2 emission reductions and make sustainable investing easier for our clients. To succeed, we will need to put our individual competencies and diversity into play across the global organization. We believe that sustainability should part of everything we do. And everything, and everyone, counts.

For us at SimCorp, sustainability and financial performance go hand in hand. While our main focus is on delivering value to our clients and shareholders, our business decisions are also guided by considerations that include our people and our planet. Acting responsibly isn’t optional, it’s essential.

Christian Kromann
CEO, SimCorp

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See the full report on all our sustainability actions in 2021 here.

Where can we make the most impact?

Sustainability is a core part of our corporate strategic agenda and ambition. As such, we have identified our current key sustainability value drivers that are rooted in who we are as a company.

Reducing our own and our clients’ CO2 footprint

Climate change and the transition to a low-carbon economy, as set forth by the 2015 Paris Agreement and reaffirmed with the 2021 Glasgow Climate Pact, are among the defining challenges and opportunities of our time. Therefore, reducing CO2 emissions is a key impact driver for SimCorp. We are committed to running our own business in an increasingly sustainable way. Likewise, we will leverage cloud and other technologies to offer energy-efficient services that will help our clients reduce their CO2 emissions.

Expand our support for sustainable ESG investing

Sustainable investments will soon account for the majority of assets under management worldwide. SimCorp’s ambition is to be a leading provider of sustainability-related solutions and to support the industry in its transition towards sustainable finance. Already, we make it possible for the world’s largest investment institutions to turn sustainability into a mainstream activity across their investment business areas. We do this by offering data services across financial and non-financial data, by offering services for ESG regulation, and by enabling the use of ESG metrics and analytics.

Support diversity, equity, and inclusion

Operating from 28 locations and counting 67 nationalities among our 2,000 employees, SimCorp is a truly global workplace. Our ambition is to make SimCorp a positive platform for sustainable social change - for our employees, our clients, and the societies in which we operate. We incorporate sustainability into everything we do, because this is the right thing to do for both our people and our business. By leveraging diversity, we can enhance performance, increase innovation and creativity, and achieve our sustainability goals together.

Ensure a meaningful career

Meaning in work isn’t the same for everyone, but we strive to ensure that all our employees feel that they have a meaningful worklife. It’s vital that our employees thrive, understand their impact, and believe in the work they do – whatever their role is in the organization. We also strive for our employees to have a good work-life balance and to nurture a strong and supportive culture. Furthermore, we support employees who are actively involved in sustainability initiatives in their local communities through our ESG Fund for employees.

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