Sustainability is about making everything count

Acting responsibly is part of our DNA at SimCorp. Sustainability is about reducing climate change, but it’s also about enabling sustainable ESG investing, ensuring responsible business behavior, and supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion among people and letting them grow.

To progress on our sustainability journey, in 2022, we took important steps to strengthen our data and knowledge, increase transparency, and – ultimately – achieve bigger impact. Our sustainability agenda aligns with our business strategy, as we gradually integrate our sustainability efforts across business processes and operations, product innovation, client services, and engagement with our people and stakeholders.

Christian Kromann
CEO, SimCorp

  • Report


See the full report on all our sustainability actions in 2022 here.

Our ESG commitments


  • Reduce our carbon footprint
  • Help reduce our clients' carbon footprint
    • Social

      • Create a workplace that offers meaning and growth opportunities
      • Foster diversity, equity, and inclusion
        • Governance

          • Provide leading ESG investing solutions
          • Ensure responsible business conduct

Commitments and stakeholder expectations united

In 2022, we conducted our first double materiality assessment, which identifies the ESG topics where our business has material social and environmental impact, and the ESG topics which may have material financial impact on SimCorp's future performance. The outcome has confirmed that our people, responsible product innovation, data privacy and security, and strong governance are key impact areas. Based on the outcome, we have updated our commitments and related goals and activities to ensure progress in addressing our ESG impact areas. Furthermore, we have integrated a set of sustainability priorities into our company scorecard, executive bonus schemes, and a sustainability-linked loan agreement.

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