Sustainability is about making everything count

Acting responsibly is part of our DNA at SimCorp. Sustainability is about climate change, but it’s also about enabling sustainable ESG investing and supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion among people.

To make a real impact, we need to take a holistic approach. Therefore, we will strive to enable CO2 emission reductions and make sustainable investing easier for our clients. To succeed, we will need to put our individual competencies and diversity into play across the global organization. We believe that sustainability should part of everything we do. Because everything, and everyone, counts.

For us at SimCorp, sustainability and financial performance go hand in hand. While our main focus is on delivering value to our clients and shareholders, our business decisions are also guided by considerations that include our people and our planet. Acting responsibly isn’t optional, it’s essential.

Christian Kromann
CEO, SimCorp

We have identified four value drivers rooted in who we are as a company:

  1. Reduce carbon footprint
  2. Support ESG investing
  3. Promote diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI)
  4. Foster meaningful work

In the past two years we’ve stepped up our efforts to create accountability behind these four value drivers. For a full report on our achievements and goals, download our Sustainability Report here.

In 2021, we added an ESG target related to inclusion to our corporate scorecard. In 2022 we’ve added an ESG goal related to our clients’ transition to energy-efficient cloud solutions and another related to improving diversity, equity, and inclusion. Both goals are linked to the corporate scorecard and the bonus for our Executive Management Board.

  • Report


See the full report on all our sustainability actions in 2021 here.

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