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Celebrating the 10th anniversary of SimCorp's Legal Rule Set Service

In 2013 SimCorp took the first steps towards a prototype Legal Rule Set Service; a then-brand-new solution designed to help fund managers meet regulatory compliance in Germany, Luxembourg, and Switzerland

Over the past ten years, the service has expanded its reach to cover regulations for investment funds in multiple countries. It has been extended to the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Austria, France, Ireland, Italy, and most recently, Singapore.

Additionally, the LRS encompasses generic European regulations and industry-specific regulations, including insurance and pension packages (Austria PKG, Swiss BVV2, UK Pension and German insurance and VAG rules) There are more than 1,600 individual rules covered in multiple regulations now, and the coverage is continuously growing.

This service has not only assisted fund managers in navigating the complexities of regulatory compliance but has also expanded its global reach, becoming an indispensable tool for many SimCorp clients worldwide.

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