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SimCorp NAIC Reporting Team Prepares for Bond Project Adoption

With the adoption of NAIC Exposure 2023-06 rapidly approaching, the SimCorp NAIC Reporting team is making every effort to get ready for the coming changes.

This exposure, scheduled to come into force on January 1, 2025, features considerable alterations to the present reporting format.

NAIC Exposure 2023-06 is expected to be adopted in November 2023, and the SimCorp NAIC reporting team has been working closely with interested parties to ensure a smooth transition. Weekly meetings are being held to discuss the proposed changes and gather feedback from stakeholders.

To accommodate the new requirements, the SimCorp NAIC reporting team has been adjusting their configurations and seeking input from NAIC clients to develop optimal solutions for everyone involved. They aim to deliver accurate and compliant reports while minimizing disruptions to business operations.

When the NAIC Exposure 2023-06 goes into effect, the SimCorp NAIC reporting team will be well-prepared to support clients through this change.

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