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Client story

Onboarding and maintaining skilled resources at Mitsubishi UFJ Asset Management (UK) Ltd

The business case

Mitsubishi UFJ Asset Management (UK) Ltd, the European-based asset management arm of Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (MUFG) faced the challenge of staying on top of the latest updates of SimCorp Dimension and ensuring its employees’ skills matched those of its peers. This was particularly important due to the frequent secondment of staff from Tokyo with varying degrees of knowledge and confidence working within the live environment of SimCorp Dimension.

The solution

After trialling SimCorp’s eLearning portal, the web-based enterprise subscription is now integrated in the company’s onboarding process of new employees. Every new member of staff is advised to undertake self-paced learning via the portal to ensure foundational knowledge of SimCorp Dimension. Likewise, employees with a longer career at MUFG AM (UK) are regularly using the portal for upskilling in specific areas, researching a system issue or learning about new functionalities. Whilst the portal is available to all users across the organization, usage tends to be higher in areas with more substantial use of system functionalities such as back-office operations and compliance.

The business value

The introduction of SimCorp’s eLearning Portal at MUFG AM (UK) has been beneficial for securing a consistent and high level of system knowledge amongst both its permanent and temporary staff. It has resulted in a more time-efficient onboarding and upskilling process but is also empowering its employees to find solutions to more complex issues on their own rather than raising a support query.

SimCorp’s eLearning Portal provides a user-friendly way of ensuring our employees are confident working with the system, know what new functionalities are available and empower them to find solutions independently. This underscores SimCorp’s commitment to helping its customers maximize their investments in SimCorp Dimension and supports its successful adoption.

Sez Ulusoy,

Deputy Head of Operations at Mitsubishi UFJ Asset Management (UK) Ltd

The many video-based lessons available via the portal is found to offer a more user-friendly approach to learning compared with other system vendors used by MUFG AM (UK), where training is still heavily based on manuals. This makes staying on top of new functionality easier and more appealing. Whilst usage outside the more structured onboarding process is largely on an adhoc basis, the portal subscription could also be extended to the company’s appraisal process in the future.

Quick Facts

  • Part of Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, Inc. (MUFG), one of the world’s leading financial groups with total assets of approximately USD 3 trillion
  • Established as the company’s European headquarter in August 1984 to facilitate international investment
  • Provides Japanese Equity strategies along with Global Fixed Income Portfolios to institutional and discretionary investors
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