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Managing risk: key to shaping investment decisions


Ed Kuczma
Go-to-Market Senior Principal, SimCorp

Okako Djamboleka
Content Manager, Foxon Media

The Summit for Asset Management (TSAM) is the world’s largest community of buy-side professionals, focused on shaping the future of the investment management industry. Ahead of their recent event in New York they interviewed Ed Kuczma, Go-to-Market Senior Principal at SimCorp, on the importance of understanding and managing risk for portfolio managers and how this shapes their investment decisions. He outlines best practices to strike the right balance between risk management and investment conviction. 

Catch the interview including these questions: 

  • Why is understanding risk crucial for a portfolio manager? How does it impact investment decisions?
  • What do we mean by investment conviction? What are some key elements required to achieve investment conviction? 
  • How can portfolio managers strike a balance between risk management and investment conviction?
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