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Interview on public pensions 


Benjamin Page-Fort
Director of Go-to-Market Strategy, SimCorp

Joshua Scott
Director of Conference Programming, Pensions & Investments

How public pensions can prepare for continued market disruptions

The Pensions & Investments Public Funds Conference gathers public pension executives for exclusive, educational programming on portfolio construction, asset allocation and governance that works together to meet target benchmarks and serves the needs of plan participants.

At their recent event in Scottsdale, AZ they interviewed Benjamin Page-Fort, SimCorp’s Director of Go- to- Market Strategy at SimCorp to discuss how allocators can prepare for continued market volatility.

The interview addresses the following questions:

  • What are the most immediate challenges that pension funds will face? What can they do to prepare for the continuing volatility and future disruption?
  • What are the best practices from your client base? What is the foundational piece in a robust risk management framework?
  • What is driving the technology innovation that we’ve seen in the past 2-3 years? What are you most excited about that you’re offering clients today?
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