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Hedge Funds 

The competitive edge to help outperform the market

Make quicker and informed investment decisions  

Whether you are long-short, macro, credit or market neutral, we give you a suite of solutions that enable you to mitigate risk, build strategies and communicate more effectively with investors.

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Using AI to Uncover Hidden Factors 

Whether you want to mitigate risk or take a directional bet, hedge funds will want to identify hidden factors, which can be found with the help of a risk model.

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Strategy optimization

Test, implement, hedge and monitor your strategy with our portfolio and risk analytics regardless of whether you are equity long-short, macro or market neutral.

Consistent risk analytics

Remove the pain of manual, Excel-based report filing by consolidating data from various back-office sources, risk systems and regulatory calculations – all powered by Axioma Risk.

Arbitrage opportunities

Discover mispriced assets across the market with access to comprehensive fixed income spread curves data and a suite of equity, fixed income and multi-asset class factor models.

Strategy building

Build and test (backtest and stress test) your multi-asset class investment strategies and receive comprehensive risk analytics of strategy performance including constraint attribution.

How we help hedge funds

A suite of innovative analytics solutions.

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How SimCorp helped


Risk managers want to advise portfolio managers and to increase collaboration

How SimCorp helped

Factor risk models with consistent factors enable a common framework for monitoring, understanding and discussing the markets.


Hedge funds who work with fixed income need cleaner, more robust risk models

How SimCorp helped

Axioma Credit Spread Factor Risk Models are built on a proprietary curves methodology which decomposes credit risk into significant factors.


Hedge funds want to ‘see’ clear alpha signals

How SimCorp helped

Our Level Reverting Noise Reduction algorithm is applied to smooth the time series history of curves, reducing noise from poor or inconsistent pricing bad liquidity and general noise to help uncover hidden insights.


Hedge funds look for accurate decision-support for a non-traditional perspective

How SimCorp helped

By using Axioma Risk Model Machine with a range of equity risk models, clients can build their own unique risk models.

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