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Future-Proofing Sovereign wealth funds for the Long Term

Many asset owners are asking how can we balance portfolio diversification with all its data and risk challenges and still scale to deliver the sustainable growth we need?

The status quo technology isn’t helping. Multiple siloed systems, data breaks and reconciliation issues increase risk. Especially in today’s volatile and difficult market conditions.

A scalable operating model supported by modern technology will give you what you need - a holistic view of positions for all asset classes, accurate real-time data and transparency across your entire portfolios.

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Embracing a new operating reality

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Unify your portfolio: Manage public and private investments in one solution  

Provide your investments team with a total portfolio view enabling them to make faster, smarter choices with SimCorp One. Driven by the only true real-time cross asset IBOR you can understand the total portfolio exposures across all asset classes, sectors and geographies.

Mitigate risk

Gain complete transparency with SimCorp. Our platform unifies your internally and externally managed investment data, providing a single view of all positions and exposures. Best-in-class exposure monitoring and risk models empower you to make informed decisions and effectively manage risk. 

Empower your investment team with the single source of truth

SimCorp empowers Sovereign Wealth Funds with a scalable platform for unified data management. Bringing together all of your investment data for internal or external managed investments, public or private asset types, exposures and risk factors or ESG data enables you to make the best investment decision possible. With full asset class coverage, moving into new markets will not be constrained by your system.

Reduce operational risk and increase efficiency

SimCorp streamlines processes and automates time-consuming activities. This removes manual effort and reduces risk by removing duplication of data across multiple systems. Streamlining data acquisition from multiple sources, enhancing STP flows and removing the need for internal reconciliation ensures you have an operations platform fit to support the nation’s wealth. 

How we help Sovereign Wealth and Pension funds around the world


How SimCorp helped


Outsourcing operations and using multiple systems made it difficult for this Norwegian investor to understand their portfolio and make strategic improvements. They needed a better foundation for multi-asset investment strategies.

How SimCorp helped

SimCorp Dimension provided a unified data foundation, consolidating everything into one system. This empowered the investor to make informed decisions and pursue their multi-asset goals.


Temasek's diverse investment portfolio required a robust system to manage operations efficiently. Existing systems, while functional, lacked the necessary integration to provide a holistic view and streamline processes. 

How SimCorp helped

SimCorp's platform consolidated everything into a centralized system, improving efficiency, functionality, and instrument coverage. This transformation gave Temasek greater control, governance, and supported their automation goals.

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