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Your clients are looking for more. Are you ready to deliver?

Whether you are a CIO, COO or an advisor, there’s pressure to do more, with less.

A new generation of high-net-worth individuals are demanding personalization through direct indexing and more digital engagement. Let us help with scalable risk, portfolio construction and client communications solutions. 

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Tax-Managed Solutions for Wealth Managers

Learn how to seamlessly optimize your tax-managed investment strategies using flexible portfolio construction and risk analytics.

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Meet the changing expectations of your clients

Flexible portfolio construction

Manage direct indexing solutions, tax-efficient Separately Managed Accounts and multi-asset class model portfolios – across thousands to millions of client accounts.

Purpose-built risk models for wealth

Manage and assess risk exposures of model portfolios with factor risk models across equities and fixed income, designed specifically for portfolios of ETFs and mutual funds.

An integrated view of risk and return

With advanced features including stress testing, factor and Brinson performance attribution, you can easily identify exposures and sources of risk and return through time-series and point-in-time analytics.

Digital client engagement

Access the power and flexibility to create a better client experience tailored to your clients’ changing needs, without being tied to traditional reporting cycles.

“The features provided by SimCorp were a key requirement for us – with trust and transparency at the heart of our business strategy, we are committed to continually developing customer-oriented solutions to support our clients. ”

Head of Investment Product

Handelsbanken Wealth & Asset Management

Innovating the Wealth Management space


How SimCorp helped


A Managed Account Group wanted to rebalance millions of accounts with specific asset allocations to risk tolerance. 

How SimCorp helped

A tax-aware module made it easy to handle large amounts of portfolios to generate tax alpha based on tax lot level data while aligning closely to target model portfolios.


A wealth manager wanted to actively build direct indexing strategies for large and mid-tier clients.

How SimCorp helped

With a flexible number of specific objectives and constraints, the Axioma Portfolio Optimizer simultaneously offered solutions for the different types of strategies across portfolio sizes.


An RIA wanted to transition as much of an acquired portfolio while considering tax liabilities.

How SimCorp helped

Using multi-portfolio optimization alongside risk models, what to sell on the legacy account to fund the transitioned SMA was clear and straightforward.

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A firm needed to increase client engagement on their digital portal to improve client experience

How SimCorp helped

By switching to our interactive Digital Engagement Platform, portal logins increased in the thousands, with over two thirds of end investors rating their experience as highly useful.

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