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Australian Super Funds 

Are your investment teams empowered to act with speed and precision? 

Future-proof your operating model with SimCorp One

Can you see your full risk exposure at all times? 

The key lies in your data. However, an operating model comprised of many systems, integration points, manual processes and fragmented technology often gets in the way, resulting in delayed data, data breaks and inefficient workflows.  

Manual workarounds may help in the short term, but what happens when you want to see the impact of a simulation on your risk allocation, performance, and ESG metrics, or gain a real-time view of your exposures, risk, and cash?  

SimCorp One is purpose-built to power decisions in real-time. Our front-to-back investment platform streamlines your workflows throughout the entire investment value chain, so you can focus on making the most informed decisions faster. 

With SimCorp One, you can manage all instruments—both internally and externally managed assets, across public and private markets—on one central platform. Our end-to-end solution provides a comprehensive overview of your fund’s positions, rebalancing, whole of fund exposures, and performance analysis, empowering you to make the best investment decisions with speed and precision.  

Alternative Investments

The 3 biggest myths of managing alternative investments 

Managing complex asset classes doesn’t have to be complex. You can effectively modernize and take advantage of the significant opportunities ahead.

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Why partner with us

Risks of delayed data 

You need a timely, reliable, and consolidated view of data to evaluate if your investment strategy aligns with the fund’s long-term goals. We asked our industry expert to share his view on how public pensions can address data challenges. 

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