Investment Management

Manage all your assets, across all classes, on one intuitive platform – SimCorp Dimension. A home where everyone throughout your organization can be on the same page, and work from the same up-to-date data.

Trust in the underlying data. We harness our core Investment Book of Record and ecosystem of innovative customer-centric tech solutions and combine it with high-value business, data, and operational services to deliver the outcomes that matter to you.

Control your investments with ease

  • Whatever your assets, be they traditional or alternatives - see them all in a single overview. Gain greater transparency, control and enable smarter decision making, across your whole portfolio with everything from traditional cash settled securities to complex derivatives and alternative investments consolidated with ease.
  • Tailored to meet your needs: Need a full front-to-back solution? Great. Need one just for your front office? No problem
  • Plug-and-play access to innovation through our partners
  • Full management of investments from portfolio construction and optimization, analysis and risk, trading and compliance, to public markets and ESG investing, all in one place.

A standardized delivery approach that supports your long-term value drivers

For onboarding of our solutions, we supply a standard platform approach where we deliver standard components, processes and methodologies that are integrated into the delivery model of SimCorp solutions so that you can get up and running and benefit faster from your new investment management solution. This approach creates the best of both worlds for investment managers. You can customize where it creates high business value and take advantage of standardization where there is little value from being unique. Your implementation projects are also kept on track by a dedicated delivery manager with solid experience from the investment management industry.

Choose the operating model that fits you

We have over 50 years of experience helping investment managers to simplify workflows.  We know needs differ and one size, or solution, does not fit all. That’s why we provide solution options that allow you to choose what you need, and when - complete with our expert team to help you and your operations be more effective, agile and efficient.

How? Simply by providing you with the right tools and services at the right time.

We seamlessly integrate with your specialized or inhouse systems to ensure that you have the optimum model for your needs.

Most importantly, we will always give you options so you can decide on the operating model that makes sense for your business.


Define your operations with integrated services

Services that help you achieve your goals – find the right expertise and capabilities from our services choices

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