Technology to help you generate more alpha on your investments

Our integrated front office solution helps you efficiently and confidently manage investment strategies across diverse financial portfolios, funds, and market mandates.

Our portfolio management solution includes:

  • Comprehensive asset coverage
  • Automated workflows
  • Scalable processes

Act quickly on investment opportunities

Does your portfolio management solution enable you to make informed asset allocation decisions? Our platform gives you on-demand access to portfolio calculations across your asset classes so you can streamline and optimize your portfolio. Our highly automated software brings real value to your company by replacing manual workarounds and spreadsheets with a single-screen user interface where a few clicks enable you to simulate, analyze, and execute your investment strategies.

Portfolio overview and analytics

With multi-asset class support, portfolio analytics, integrated risk and performance analytics and flexibility to present your ESG data as needed,  our Asset Manager solution ensures you can concentrate on the business of managing the portfolio and not worrying about joining data from multiple sources.

Portfolio construction and optimization

Our optimization solutions can be used for a variety of multi-asset approaches including long/short, index-tracking and tax-aware strategies. Flexible and scalable, the Axioma Portfolio Optimizer is designed to work with your investment process – and not the other way around.

For more efficient portfolio construction, Axioma Factor Risk Models can be used within the Axioma Portfolio Optimizer or you can incorporate any third party model, benchmark or dataset.

And, thanks to our open platform philosophy, you can also seamlessly connect to our other optimization partners.


With truly integrated Order Manager you can automate orders and executions with the sell side without having to re-key data, to reduce errors and improve STP rates. Furthermore, integration with the leading third-party analytics and trade data providers gives you access to real-time information throughout the day. Integration with the EMS and use of the broker algos of your choice is made simple via our preconfigured partners

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Embracing a new operating reality

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