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Central Bank Reserve & Treasury Management 

Streamline your reserve and treasury management

Preserve capital and grow reserves with SimCorp One

The independence of your bank relies on your ability to act decisively in times of turbulence. Is your reserve management system optimized to making the right decisions during quick market pivots? Are you able to balance the need for capital preservation and reserve growth, all while maintaining prudent risk levels?

SimCorp One provides full functional and technical coverage for both reserve management and monetary operations across all financial instruments internally and externally managed. This ensures a total portfolio view for reserve managers to make the best investment decisions, while streamlining operations, costs and improving efficiency.


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Gold for reserve managers

With geopolitical tensions today, gold will continue to stockpile. Are you equipped to manage gold risk in its various forms from the physical bar to the allocated, unallocated gold and futures?

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Reserve managers need to act decisively in times of quick market pivots

Support reserve management and monetary operations in one solution

Enjoy full functional and technical coverage for both reserve management and monetary operations across all financial instruments internally and externally managed, ensuring a total portfolio view. This capability provides immediate insights into valuations for current positions across all assets, risk management, performance attribution, and all cash processing, monitoring and settlement activities.

Empower teams with real-time analytics

With a robust Investment Book of Record (IBOR), you can access accurate, real-time positions, exposures, cash, liquidity management (real-time cash, gold, SDR and securities inventory) and liquidity forecasting (cash/security ladder).

IBOR and Data

Build transparency and accountability

Support central banks’ growing need for transparency and accountability with internationally-recognized reporting standards including local GAAP.

Gain operational flexibility

Choose an installation on-premise or in the cloud including the flexibility to have local data centers to address security and jurisdictional concerns.

Reserve & Treasury Management

How we help central banks around the world


How SimCorp helped


A European central bank needed to streamline workflows to manage foreign exchange

How SimCorp helped

We now support the bank’s key front office workflows, including pre & post-trade compliance. Also, our Investment Book of Record delivers advanced processing of SWIFT and cash management. 


A central bank in the Americas sought to increase STP to eliminate data errors and manual tasks 

How SimCorp helped

We provided best-in-class office functionality, comprehensive compliance and performance, and investment accounting covering IFRS standards for all internally and externally managed funds.


An Asian central bank needed to consolidate reserve management and monetary operations

How SimCorp helped

We consolidated all their key functionalities ranging from risk management, performance and attribution, compliance, collateral management to settlement and accounting.


An African central bank sought to become more efficient and invest more assets globally

How SimCorp helped

With a holistic view of all aspects of their operations, the bank can get real-time analytics with more transparency and governance for their new investment strategies.

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