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Simplifying operational  complexity

Achieve your long-term goals with SimCorp One

With increasing volumes of data and investment complexity, pension funds require an intuitive system that combines all instruments in one place—from public and private markets, as well as externally managed assets—to give a holistic overview of the fund’s positions, exposures and performance. Only then you can adapt to fast market pivots and seize new opportunities. 

SimCorp One is purpose-built to power decisions at the speed of now. Our end-to-end scalable investment platform is designed to simplify your workflows throughout the entire investment value chain so that you can focus on making the most informed decisions better and faster, while streamlining operations, costs and improving efficiency. 


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The 3 biggest myths in managing alternative investments

Managing complex asset classes doesn’t have to be complex. You can effectively modernize and take advantage of the significant opportunities ahead.

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Simplify the complex

Manage public and private market investments in one platform

Pension funds require an intuitive system that combines all instruments—from public and private markets, as well as internally and externally managed assets—to give a holistic overview of the fund’s positions, exposures and performance. Only then can you make the best investment decisions and effectively assess whether your investment strategy aligns with the fund’s long-term goals. 

Address the challenges of delayed data

The challenge for most public pensions is the model of combining point solutions with aging custodial technology which cannot keep up with demands for real-time data and risk analysis. The impact of delayed data can be significant amid volatile market conditions: increased risk exposures without the agility to react to changes.

Empower the investment teams with an end-to-end approach

Getting access to quality and real-time data is the first step. It must then be robustly managed, governed, and optimally processed across the entire investment value chain with sophisticated compliance, risk and performance. The intelligence shared across teams helps streamline decision-making processes. This can only be achieved within an end to end, multi-asset platform with a single source of truth.

Build operational flexibility

With the growing trend to bring asset management in-house, a true total portfolio view offers pension funds a real business advantage in terms of operational flexibility. If the need arises, and depending on the operating model, individual outsourced business functions can be brought back in-house, non-core activities can be outsourced, or migration from one outsourced service supplier to another can be done quickly and easily.



How we help pension funds around the world


How SimCorp helped


A public pension in North America sought to streamline processes and enhance front office decisions

How SimCorp helped

SimCorp integrated all operations front to back so the fund can seamlessly leverage from a core investment data set to enhance investment decisions


A large Canadian pension was looking to insource asset management capabilities to support its growth ambitions

How SimCorp helped

SimCorp implemented a scalable, multi-asset investment management platform with seamless integration and workflows front to back


A large European pension sought to reduce the complexity of managing two systems for its rapidly growing alternatives portfolio 

How SimCorp helped

SimCorp consolidated all workflows and processes in a highly scalable platform for more transparency and less operational risk 


A pension fund in Asia Pacific sought to internalize a portion of investment management for growth

How SimCorp helped

SimCorp provided a timely and consolidated view of exposure for all asset classes to enhance risk management and asset allocation decisions

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