Focus on the big picture - Truly transparent accounting, from beginning to end  

The SimCorp investment accounting solution enables you to provide accurate and timely multi-asset accounting, from a simple holdings statement to fully compliant investment accounting across any of the 70 plus verified accounting frameworks.

Whether addressing hedge accounting, Solvency II or fund accounting you can reap the benefits of the underlying investment accounting data and accounting processes.

Close the books sooner

With every transaction in the same place, automated workflows and real-time progress tracking you can close the books sooner.

Parallel investment accounting made easy

Need to keep multiple sets of books? Need to report for IFRS and Local GAAP or US GAAP and US STAT? Need to report a consolidated set of accounts in Group Currency? No problem, SimCorp’s Investment Accounting can keep up to 10 frameworks in parallel without having to duplicate a thing. With over 70 accounting jurisdictions supported you will always be able to keep your books balanced.

The perfect union of automation and flexibility  

With seamless connection to your data sources, and automated processes SimCorp Investment Accounting delivers efficiency and flexibility.  Together with intuitive reporting, dashboards and alerts to keep you on top of exceptions, you’ll be free to focus your extra resources where they're needed.

Investment Accounting choice

The Investment Accounting processes can be managed by your team or ours. Either way it is run on the market leading Investment Accounting platform, SimCorp Dimension. 

If you see value in your accounting team focusing on the verification and analysis rather than the data gathering, reconciliation and calculation then the Investment Accounting Services may be for you. If you would rather keep the processing inhouse then that is entirely possible.

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