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Release 24.04 - Front Office

divider new moduleAlert API

The Alerts API for Compliance Manager alerts enables you to integrate post-trade compliance information seamlessly into external applications.

For portfolio managers that use their own specialized applications (whether based on Excel, in-house built or third-party solutions), the Alerts API complements the existing Front Office API to bring both the pre-trade and post-trade compliance directly to them.

Investment controllers screen and qualify compliance breaches using Compliance Manager’s Alerts Inbox and pass them onto portfolio managers, no matter if they use Asset Manager or another portfolio management tool. Through the API the portfolio manager can see all events and actions related to a post-trade compliance breach, access the result details and comment on an alert before possibly passing it back to the investment controller for further clarification. Used in this way, the API provides full transparency and auditability of the process – also for actions performed on alerts by non-SimCorp Dimension users.

Other possible use cases for the Alerts API include:

  • Connect Alerts Inbox with a company-wide incident management system to centralize exception handling.
  • Further automate the alerts workflow on top of the possibilities provided by Business Rules Manager.
  • Create a dedicated application specifically for compliance failures to make it easier for infrequent SimCorp Dimension users to work with them.

For software engineers implementing API solutions, the API is simple and intuitive to work with and follows modern web API design principles.


  • Deeper integration of the compliance workflows into external tools and applications
  • Enable non-SimCorp Dimension users to work directly with post-trade compliance failures from Compliance Manager
  • Full transparency and auditability of alert actions no matter if they are performed natively in SimCorp Dimension or via the API
  • Automate alert actions above what is possible with Business Rules Manager

The Alerts web API provides a modern and intuitive user experience to the software engineer working with it.

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Compliance Manager Base

Streaming Delta Overview

SimCorp introduces a new real-time streaming API for Order Manager data to help support clients have the capability to enrich and utilise more effectively their own proprietary trading support and decision-making tools.

The streaming API provides consistent data structures so the data that is streamed isn’t subject to breaking changes as newer trading opportunities arise i.e. adding trading Repos in a later release.

This makes it possible for trading / Order Manager data to be streamed based on events as they occur in Order Manager


  • When an event happens in NOMA, several delta messages will be published on the same message session to ensure message ordering. 
  • Covers important Order Manager domain concepts like orders, programs and comments.
  • Support protobuf binary payloads for efficient serialization/deserialization.


  • Azure Service Bus is the communication medium to ensure a robust connection between the cloud-native environment and on-premise/SaaS SCD installations.
  • Possible client APIs: native Azure Service Bus clients, REST clients, etc.

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